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Dr. Nasir Y Fulara, Mrs Fatimabai Allana, Mrs Hamidabi Bhiwandiwala & Mrs. Zaitun Nasir Fulara
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Dr. Nasir Y. Fulara delivering Introduction of WMO
Gathering at the Function

World Memon Organisation (Indian Chapter) - Ladies Wing organized a 'Idd Milan - Get Together' on Friday, 28/11/2003 at 8.00 p.m. at Islam Gymkhana, Netaji Subhash Road, Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Following Organisation / Individuals were the Sponsors of the Function

  1. Allana Sons Ltd.
  2. All India Memon Jamat Federation
  3. Mr.Adil Eshak Latif
  4. Faisal & Aliya
  5. Hasin Exhibitors
  6. Khandwani Exports Pvt. Ltd.
  7. The Memon Co.Operative Bank Ltd.
  8. Mrs. Mariam Darvesh
  9. Metro Optician
  10. Mehta Roadlines
  11. Patel Bros. Construction Corpn.
  12. R.R.Omerbhoy
  13. Ruff Kids  
  14. Saya Exports
  15. Zebaish

The Vice President of World Memon Organisation - Indian Chapter, The President & Vice President of World Memon Organisation (Indian Chapter) - Ladies Wing & other members of WMO were present to receive the prominent dignitaries & guests at the function.

Dr. Nasir Haji Yunus Fulara (Vice President - WMO - Indian Chapter & President All India Memon Jamat Federation [AIMJF] ), Mrs. Hamidabai A. Bhiwandiwala (President - WMO - (Indian Chapter) Ladies Wing), Mrs. Zaitun Nasir Fulara (Vice President - WMO - (Indian Chapter) Ladies Wing), Mr. Farouk Sodagar Darvesh, Mrs.Hanifa Farouk Sodagar Darvesh, Mr. Imran Ashraf Furniturewala (Chairman - The Memon Co.Operative Bank Ltd.,), Mr.Atiq A. Agboatwala (Chairman - The Memon Chamber of Commerce), Mr.Amin Khandwani (Chairman - Minority Commission, Maharashtra State), Mr. Irfan Ashraf Furniturewala (Vice President - AIMJF), Mr. Aziz Mohammed Sait (Vice President - AIMJF), Mr.Salim Dawood Agboatwala (Hon.Gen.Secretary - AIMJF) , Mr. Aziz A. Sattar Machiwala (Hon.Jt.Secretary - AIMJF) and many other dignitaries with their families were present.

Mrs.Shaheen Naim Halai was the compere of the Function. Hon'ble Vice President - WMO (Indian Chapter) Dr.Nasir Y. Fulara welcomed the distinguished guests & provided their introduction to the gathering. He then provided brief Introduction of WMO as mentioned below:-

  1. The World Memon Organisation ("the WMO") has been formed as an international umbrella organisation in order to unite Memon organisations, institutions, corporate bodies, associations, jamaats and individuals. The purpose of the WMO is to act as the central Memon organisation representing the entire Memon community throughout the world, promoting the advancement, upliftment, unity, welfare and well-being of all Memons in all aspects of life and at all times in accordance with Islamic principles. The WMO is a non-profit-making organisation incorporated by guarantee and not having a share capital, whose registered office is situated in England. [currently at 3 Weir Road, Balham, London SW12 8UW].
  2. The principle aims and objectives of the WMO are:
    1. To make co-coordinated and concerted efforts to resolve the economical, educational, social, cultural, medical, rehabilitation and all other problems faced by the Memon community;
    2. To foster better community relations between all religious, social, ethnic and national groups for the good of society as a whole;
    3. To create direct links between Memon individuals, jamaats, associations, corporate bodies, institutions and organisations throughout the world in order to harness the talents, expertise and general efforts of the Memon community as a whole for the mutual benefit of its members;
    4. To work for the alleviation of poverty in the Memon community and to improve the quality and standard of living of its members;
    5. To protect, maintain and promote the culture, language and dignity of Memons; o to promote unity, understanding and tolerance amongst the Memon community; o to carry out any such projects that will promote, advance and uplift the general welfare and well-being of the Memon community;
    6. To strive for the eradication of any disadvantages and all forms of discrimination faced by Memons in particular and Muslims generally and to co-operate with such other national or international organisations having similar aims and objectives;
  3. The governance of the WMO rests with the General Assembly and its duly appointed and elected Board of Management ("the Board") and it's elected Office Bearers ("the Executive Committee").
  4. The General Assembly is comprised of the chosen representatives of the various world wide Memon communities' own national organisations, local and regional institutions, corporate bodies and individuals, including WMO Patrons, who are all entitled to vote for and elect, every 2 years, some but not all of the members of the Board of Management
  5. In seeking to fulfill the aims and objectives of the WMO all members are reminded that the WMO is intended to be:
    1. An accord of Memon organisations, institutions, corporate bodies, associations, jamaats and individuals which are established in different parts of the world;
    2. An independent body, informed and guided by the Noble Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in all its aims, objectives, policies and procedures with a view to promoting and facilitating consultation, co-operation and co-ordination in Memon community affairs throughout the worlds;
    3. A broad-based, representative organisation of Memons, accommodating and reflecting the diversity of the social, cultural and international backgrounds of the entire Memon community; 
    4. A body that shall endeavor to formulate, implement and utilise its policies and decisions on the basis of broad consensus and the largest practicable measure of common agreement;
    5. A body that shall endeavor to utilise the talents and specialist skills of its individual members and the strengths and resources of its organised bodies in preparing the case for, and advocating, the responsibilities and rights of Memons in particular and Muslims generally worldwide;
    6. A non-sectarian and non-political body working for the common good while recognising the independence and autonomy of individuals and organisations and their respective works in the community of their domicile.

He further said that Alhamdulillah a sum of Rs.1.25 Crore was contributed by WMO in Gujarat Relief Fund campaign of 'All India Memon Jamat Federation' (AIMJF) for Riot effected victims of our community, moreover WMO has committed a sum of Rs.7.50 Crore towards contribution for 1010 House / Flat Project of AIMJF all over India in coming 3 years @ Rs.2.50 Crore per year.

To provide a shelter to a homeless is a great virtue & none but Almighty ALLAH will reward the best for the same in both the worlds.

Dr.Nasir Y. Fulara earnestly requested the gathering to become the members of WMO as WMO is providing a yeoman Service to the underprivileged downtrodden brethren of our community at large.

The Orchestra with a lot of other entertainment programmee including Lucky Draws were the highlights of the 'Idd Milan - Get Together'.

The Lucky Draws included Dubai return Air Ticket sponsored by Atlas Tours & Travels also Bedroom Refrigerator, VCD Player & other Gift hampers sponsored by many participants.

The Function ended at 11.30pm with a vote of thanks followed by Dinner.